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How to register?
When you're not logged in, click register.
Choose a (unique) nickname.
Choose a password and verify it.
Enter your (valid) email address.

How can I login?
Press the Login butons on top of this page.
Enter your username and password and click Login

Why can't I post?
You are not registered or not logged in

What is UBB?
UBB are HTML alike tags to spice up the lay-out of your post.

How can I use UBB?
You can make text bold with [b] and [/b]
You can make text italic with [i] and [/i]

You can post een image with [img]http://www.myserver.com/myimage.jpg[/img]
You can change the width of the image like this [img width=200]http://www.myserver.com/myimage.jpg[/img]

You can quote something with [quote] and [/quote]

You can make a link with [url] and [/url]
You can make a fancy looking link with [url=http://hostname/]link name[/url]
Most links are recognized automaticaly.

You can make a email link with [email] and [/email]
You can make a fancy looking email link with [email=myname@hostname]my name[/url]
Most email links are recognized automaticaly.

You can print code with [code] and [/code]

You can make a fast IMDB link with [film] and [/film] or [movie] and [/movie]

What are Smilies?
Smilies are little images embedded in a post, to show your mood at that particular moment.

How can I use smilies?
It's very easy to use a smilie. Just enter the code in the message source and the smilie will be inserted automatically.
A list of available smilies:

How can I make smilies more personal?
In your configuration area (when you are logged in) you can add personal smilies to personalize your posts.
This feature can still be a little buggy.

How many lines of code is this forum?
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