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Driving in Holland
The Guzzler

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20 Apr 2007

Zo zien de amerikanen het:
    I wanted to let everyone who is thinking about driving in the cities in Holland to make sure they know what they're getting themselves into. I was an aupair there for the last year and had the time to actually get used to driving there. Things to know:

    1. The speed limit is higher than in the US.

    2. The "streets" (more like alleys) are VERY narrow and are often packed with people on foot and bike. In Amsterdam you will often find a delivery truck blocking a street and you only options are to wait an hour for them to unload and clear the street or drive a Km in reverse to get back to the street you were originally on. My advice is to put the car in reverse and try another street.

    3. More people on bikes than you can imagine.

    4. And if your bold enough to drive in Amsterdam watch out for those Trams! As far as I know they aren't allowed to hit you if you in front of them but if you perpindicular to them they have the right of way so you had better move it or lose it.

    5. Try not to have a heart attack when you find out how much gasoline costs : )

    And above all take lots of deep breathes when you´re stressed - remember that you´re having fun!´
Rachael, Nov 98
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20 Apr 2007

Moet je nagaan, en dat is al bijna 10 jaar geleden.
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21 Apr 2007

lol, rijden in het buitenland moet wel zo'n opluchting zijn lijkt me... afgezien van enkele aziatische landen waar de enige verkeersregel is "hoe groter hoe meer voorrang".
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