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BMW Bastard

avatar Rainman

Registered: 11 Apr 2001
Location: Everywhere
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12 Jan 2009

Congrats met je verjaardag ouwe!
The only reason that you're conscious right now is because I don't want to carry you. - Jack Bauer
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The Guzzler

avatar Fox

Registered: 10 Apr 2001
Location: North-Brabant
Posts: 9399
12 Jan 2009

Congratz met de bird-day
Refuse to do what you don't want to do.
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Flying Bastard

avatar rens

Registered: 18 Oct 2002
Location: Behind-U
Posts: 1256
12 Jan 2009

Bedankt he mannen.
You want some, come get some!!!!!
3D Bastard

avatar Caman

Registered: 11 Apr 2001
Location: up yours
Posts: 4721
12 Jan 2009

bier! gefeliciteerd man!
Take my hand and lead me to myself...
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avatar -W-

Registered: 26 Apr 2005
Location: Eindhoven
Posts: 1111
14 Jan 2009

alsnog gefeliciteerd smilie
Het heelal is vol magische dingen die geduldig wachten tot ons verstand er scherp genoeg voor is. - Eden Phillpotts (1934)

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